Debunking ”Atheists exposed” surrounding Sweden

This is a debunking of the following article:

”For hundreds of years Sweden was a bastion of Lutheranism, a major Protestant branch. Since the 1960’s the Swedes have moved away from the religion of their ancestors toward agnosticism and atheism. At present, stats reveal that only a minority of Swedes are still practicing Christians.”
So far correct…

”In spite of their high  level of unbelief, Swedish crime rates have been relatively low for decades.”
True, it has gone up now parallel with religious immigration. Statistic from Swedish prisons shows that the most people in Swedish prisons are religious. And no, I am not against immigration anyway. You have to take the good with the bad.

”The country has moved toward socialism”
Social liberalism… Sweden is close to Canada in politics.

”and has created a social safety net like few others.”
Still true..

”What unbelievers were not acknowledging was the fact that much of the good in Sweden was in part the result of Christian cultural values having been preserved, even though God was being set aside”
No unbelievers are denying this. WE are well aware of our history being Christian. Swedish Christianity however, was very influenced by the old Norse religions. The Swedish Christian Bible actually has direct quotes from it. Also, there are no examples, what values in Sweden are Christian?

”But over the years those values have been eroding and a culture of selfishness and hopelessness has taken their place.”
WE are ranking nr 8 on the world happiness report, USA, a Christian country: 15

”Sweden is now slowly moving toward a nightmarish future.”
Well, we are actually one of the few countries not in economical crisis.. We have low crime, free education, free healthcare, and so on.

”A quick perusal of recent Swedish societal trends, as shown by the following articles, clearly indicate that secular Sweden is no longer Heaven on earth.”
Unless you know of something called source criticism. Refer to real statistics, not to media! Media’s primary goal is to SELL, not to provide truth.

”Casual sex ‘common’ among Stockholm youth”
Seems like a good thing? I like sex, if there is no god, then multiple sex-partners is not a bad thing, it is only a bad thing from a religious point of view. From a non religious point of view, it is awesome!

”and only one in four used a condom”
Exactly, because atheism does not say condoms are the devil’s tool, some actually use them, unlike countries in Africa, where Christianity has forbidden them.

”Swedish teen girls ‘getting more violent”
Well, these are actually not Ethnic Swedes, but immigrant teen girls in the suburbs. Most of them religious.

”Violence among Swedish teenage girls is on the rise, new statistics show, having increased by
about 50 percent since 1994.”
Once again, parallel with religious immigration. We can see that by looking at the areas these crimes are being committed. Fittja, Rågsved, Skarpnäck, Rinkeby, Alby, Södertälje, Rosengård, all areas where mainly religious immigrants live. (Swedish article, the areas listed are all areas like these). But as I said, I am not against immigration because of this, most immigrants in Sweden are good people.

”Swedish bestiality ring exposed”
Yes there are crimes in most countries. Catholic priests fucks children, that is far worse than this. Also, it is a CRIME in Sweden, and most countries, so I really do not see the argument.

In the US however, Bestiality Is Legal in the Same States That Ban Same-Sex Marriage. FACT.

”A Liberal Party member of parliament has called for Sweden to ban sex with animals.”
Well, it has actually been illegal indirectly for a long time, since it is illegal to hurt animals. This is referring to trials that argued that sex with big animals did not hurt them, however, it is now completely illegal, so, it seems like we are moving in the right way.

”More Swedish children dependent on benefits”
Partly a misunderstanding, they all get it per law. If you have a child, you get money every month from the government until the child turns 15 when the money starts going directly to the child. Since children study for a long time in Sweden (at least until 19), these are important.

”The number of Swedish children living in families that depend on long-term financial benefits has
increased by around 10,000 in just over four years to about 54,000 children, government agency
figures show.”
Once again, parallel with religious immigration. Once someone has a Swedish citizenship, we call them ”Swedes”, at least in statistics, and we give out A LOT of citizenship. Ethnic Swedish kids does not have that much problem with this. (10 times more immigrants (mainly muslims and Oriental Christians) gets welfare next to Ethnic swedes).

Also, unlike the US, in Sweden, you can actually survive on your welfare check. It is on a minimum of 1000 dollars, and that is if you live with your parents, are over 18, and got no job.

”Three Gun Crimes a Day in Sweden”
What is that compared to the US, a Christian country? (Most of these are BTW simply owning an illegal gun).

”Gun smuggling on the rise in Sweden: police”
Once again, parallel with religious immigration. And basically everyone arrested on these charges are religious immigrants (once again, I am still behind having a large immigration, the problem in Sweden lies in that many areas of Sweden do not accept that many, resulting in immigrants all being clumped together in the same area, making them outsiders. (something I am against, but that is sadly politically incorrect to even discuss in Swedish politics, resulting in a racist party on the rise.)

”Firearms are becoming more readily available in Sweden with smuggling increasingly difficult to control”
Basically not one single ethnic swede arrested on these charges. It is the religious people in Sweden behind this, mainly from the Balkans, Even if Sweden is mainly atheistic, the more-part of the people in prison are religious.

Sweden remains one of the countries with the least gun crimes. And basically ALL of them are committed in areas where most are religious. I live in one of these..

”Swedish cities, primarily Gothenburg and Malmö, have been the scene of several shootings in recent months.”
LOL, in Gothenburg, there is an ever ongoing MC-war, these exist in most western countries. Malmö is the place where the more-part of the religious immigrants live.

”Witnesses to a shooting in a Malmö car park on May 11th described the killing as an ”execution” in what
was apparently a hit with links to organized crime, an increasing problem in both cities.”
Performed by religious groups. Or, rather criminals that are religious. (86% immigrants live there, mainly from strictly religious countries).

”Methamphetamine Increasingly Common in Sweden”
This is true in all of western EU. Even the religious countries AND the US.

”Older Swedes are Drinking More”
Yes, we are a country enjoying our alcohol… This is actually because the old people having it quite well even when too old to work, so they can afford it. I drink every day, but not to get dunk, but because I enjoy a beer after work and a glass of whine to my meals.

”Concerns are growing about increased alcohol consumption among Sweden’s retirees”
These concerns comes from Christians who also believes that it is best to not give that much painkillers to people dying, cause they should be sober. Something that is luckily changing parallel to the growing atheism.

”Every fourth Stockholm retiree consumes alcohol at a hazardous level…”
IF you consume 1 50 cl 5% beer/day, you count as an alcoholic according to ”Socialstyrelsen”.  Sweden is one of the best countries on earth, BUT, we have downsides, one of these are the idiot-views within certain parts of the Swedish system, for example the people promoting our incredibly harsh laws surrounding drugs (resulting in Sweden’s addicts having a high mortality rate.)

”Cocaine Use Spreads in Swedish Cities”
Once again, not really a problem in that aspect. Most atheists believe in the humans right to their own body. If an adult Chooses to use drugs, it is their choice.

”More Drug Users Behind the Wheel”
How the hell is this parallel with atheism? Then again, one could say that about basically all of these articles.

”Young Swedish Women Kill Themselves More Often”
True in all the western countries. All western countries has unrealistic demands on women. One of those tradition we have left from Christianity.

”Health Fears for Swedish Youth”
Once again, these are people that are afraid that the youth are acting exactly like themselves when young. Also, this is true for basically all the world, mainly religious countries.

”At the same time, more children and young people are overweight.”
Look at the US!!! A largely religious country where half the people are obese! And even more of the Children. And in what parts, well, the religious parts are also the fattest states. Sweden remain one of the healthiest countries on earth.

”Criminal Gangs Show no Signs of Leaving Sweden”
Of course not, once you get here you do not wanna leave.

”Police say it is difficult to estimate the number and size of criminal gangs in Sweden since membership”
These are mainly gangs with RELIGIOUS afflictions, most Swedish gangs have. Some MC gangs, such as HA, does not, many Bandidos-members do, the gangs in the suburbs are basically all religious immigrants.

”Gangs make headlines almost daily with stories of drug busts, brutal attacks on business owners unable to pay off debts, and bloody gang wars.”
If this argues against atheism, doesn’t it argue even more against Christianity, since the situation is MUCH more severe in a Christian country like the US, Mexico, and South America, as well as southern Africa.. I mean, I live in one of the worst parts of Sweden and feel perfectly safe. IF YOU lived in Harlem (and you are white), you would not.

”Swedish Women Committing More Violent Crimes”
And if we look where these crimes are committed, it is basically all in the religious suburbs, and in schools, by religious girls.

Also, it is actually a sign of feminism.. The views of women in criminal gangs have become better. From being fuck-toys to being useful members.

”Christian Democrats Announce Plan to Save Marriage”
This is the only party in Sweden against women’s rights and the right to abort. Luckily, they most likely won’t last much longer, you need 4% to get into the government, now they are at 3.2 (but they got in last election, barely).

”One Million Swedes on Benefit”
This is partly a GOOD thing. It sucks that the work market is ruthless, but it is a good thing the atheist government supports those who have a hard time (something the US, a Christian country, does not).

Also, in the US, you cannot survive flipping burgers, you can in Sweden because of our high minimum pay, Sweden $13.52/hour + free education and healthcare + medicine. Next to the the US: $7.25/Hour and expensive healthcare, medicine, and education.

”Abortion Increase Blamed on Declining Use of Pill”
Once again, a womens right to their body.. So, a good thing.

”Swedish health authorities are growing increasingly concern about the mental health of the country’s
young people, according to a new report.”
Well, high international demands, it is rough on the kids. My parents could basically walk into any job and just get it without education, or work themselves up. That is gone, you need to succeed in education. Which sadly has deceased the mental health of some young people.



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